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Ball Control 2

Italian Style Youth and Academy Training Program 

€ 27,59


It has been very successful in team development coaching programs that have produced players with exceptional technical skills. These simple exercises for ball control develop the technique of feinting, dribbling and change of direction are a progression (from Ball Control 1) starting from skill based exercises to game situations with the final objective to shoot on goal.
In modern soccer one of the most effective key to “unhinge” the opposing defensive lines that are organised tactically is to win the 1vs1 duels. For this purpose we are presenting more than 40 exercises to improve ball control and to stimulate their imagination and creativity at the same time.

The technique of feint and dribbling is one of the fundamental techniques for player development and it appears to be an additional tool for all youth coaches who love working on technical skills.



  • Authors
  • Mirko Mazzantini and Simone Bombardieri
  • Runtime
  • 65'